Muna Madan ….

While filling a Memo Book might be many times I had written Best Book as Muna Madan . But the truth would be I have never gone through it even once in my life time. Always heard of it so had bought the book for 2,3 times but didn’t go through it,always lost it before reading. I had heard the theme of the story from others but didn’t go through the book. 
Cover of the Book “MUNA MADAN”

Recently heard that movie on the same story has been released so I, with my friend went for the Movie. The Movie went good from the beginning . Watching the movie of known story this would be the movie I liked the most. The plotting of the story , the acting by the actors, the emotions, love of a couple, respect to their family. I was impressed by the story and the presentation.
Banner of Movie “Muna Madan”
The movie started with the place in Nepal , with a Family with a Couple , Muna and Madan ,and Madan’s old mother. They are poor they work for others for their living. The Love life of Muna and Madan has been admired by all the peoples in the Village. The poor family had debt which causes Madan to leave Muna and go to Lhasa (Tibet) to work and to earn. He earns money, but while coming back to his land he gets sick on the way. His friends Leaves him on the way and returns back to the Nepal, whereas sick Madan would be waiting a death. There comes a man who would be Sherpa helps Madan cure. And Madan goes back to his Land. Before he reaches the place finding out that Madan had died there in Tibet Muna dies and so does his old mother.Reaching home and finding out his love ones are no more in this world Madan gets mad and dies due to his madness.
The plotting of the story is simple and goes on the simple way. But the presentation and emotion to the love ones is what i liked the most.The feelings of the story is touching. The love of Muna and Madan is inspiring. The story shows the difference between rich society and the poor one.Story shows the gap of two society. Story also shows the friendship, betrayal by the friend and help by the unknown person. Story is good from every aspects.

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