Highway The Nepali Movie

HIGHWAY, most awaited movie specially by the Nepali people who are linked in the social media Facebook and Twitter. I was waiting for the day to watch it too as from the beginning when i heard that the movie was selected for the Berlin International Film Festival (Highway is the first movie to be selected in the film festival).

Highway Poster

Finally the the movie released for Nepal after the several show in the foreign land. I always admired the movie with the new taste watching the trailer so I was very eager to watch the movie but was unable as I was having the exam during the release of the movie. Watching many of the Tweets about the movie, I surely was disappointed because there were lots of negative feedback then the positive one in my Time Line. Some were saying it is an Incomplete Movie, some were saying that it would have been better if characters were less in number. So after the exams I went to the Movie hall for the movie,with a friend of mine.

The story started with the beautiful scene of Eastern Nepal. The story line of the movie started in the bus from the Eastern part and ended at the Capital Kathmandu. Story was in between the characters inside the bus who were eagerly waiting bus to reach Kathmandu. The Army Man , unable to have a child, The medical Student young girl, in the dilemma with the affair with a guy and about to marry her childhood friend , girls mother escorting her to Kathmandu, the Gay guy to meet his love at Kathmandu, A driver with his wife and Child at Kathmandu, a mother-in-law going to Kathmandu so that her daughter and son-in-law wont get a divorce, are the main character of the movie.

The story line goes with all the characters in the Bus and characters related to them outside the bus. Wife of the Army man and the guy she is in relation with, the young girls would be Fiance and her love, Gay guys love and friend, Drivers wife Dance bar dancer and their two child, Son-in-law a renowned doctor and his wife with a fight and his psychological problems are the additional characters who are supporting the story from out side the bus.

Band playing

While being on the way in the bus there occurs many blockage (bandha) so the members in the bus gets together and makes a fake marriage bus of the Medical Student Girl and a  Gay guy. The story goes on with the character and their problem in the Road(Highway) and flashback of the characters life. The story line up goes well till the end and gets connected to each other at the last.

I am neither a member of the movie nor am i the person against the team and the movie, In my view the story goes well till the Intermission, and then gets a bit distracted afterwards. the story gets messed up with lots of characters and story. I would feel the movie better if the one story would have been removed. The acting of the actors at their place was superb, i loved the acting, except of the Rabindra Mishra as the Doctor, I felt the acting of Mr. Mishra showed the nervousness of his first movie as an Actor(though, i always have admired him as Journalist and a writer). The Direction part was a bit low, I felt like taking such a great actors in the movie Director would have used actors a bit more.

Overall I liked the movie, the story line and the presentation was good, except the messed up story after the Intermission I liked the movie.


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