Janai Purnima (Rakshya Bandhan )

 Janai Purnima , Also known as the “Rakshya bandhan” one of the main festivals of the Nepal. The festival is also celebrated by the Hindus by different name and different way all over the world on the full moon day of Shrawan. Specially, at Nepal it is the day when old Janai is replaced by the new one. And on the Terai Area “Rakhi” is put on the hand of the brothers by the sisters, and in exchange brothers promise their sisters that they will take care of her all her life time. The day generally is celebrated as the protection either by GOD to peoples wearing Janai or by Brothers to their sister.


Janai is the thread that is put on by the Hindu Men or an adult, who has done “Barthabandha” .BarthaBandha is    one of the rituals followed by the guys with the promise to follow the religion and it is also the sign that the guy is into their manhood and will follow the command of religion. Janai is worn every day after the BarthaBandha till the death of the Man. During many rituals in Nepal Janai plays a main role.

Other than the person with BarthaBandha wear a yellow-red thread (DORO) around their wrist as the symbol of the protection.


It is said that, once “Lord Bishnu” punished, The King of Demon “Bali” by tying him with the thread and send him to the hell. So it is belived that wearing a Janai (thread) will protect people with the Sins i.e. Demon.

Other Myth for Rakhi is, Draupadi wife of 5 Pandavs put the piece of her sari in the Hand of the Loard Krishna when he was bleeding from the wrist. Krishan being touched by the help of the Draupadi made a promise to take care of her all his life time, since then sisters put the Rakhi to their brothers hand and brothers make the promise of the protection to their sister. Krishna keeps his promise when there was a Chir Haran going on in the palace of Kaurab after Pandavs lose their wife in a gamble.


The biggest mela takes place at the Gosaikunda, lake at the altitude of 4380m above sea level in the Rasuwa District of the Nepal. Gosaikunda is said to be made from the Trishul of the Lord Shiva after he had the Poision from the “Samundra Manthan”. The place is also related with the Vishnu Puran so is visited in different time of the year by devotes on different festivals. Taking a dip in the lake is belived to wash out all the sins of the people as it made Shiva cool down after he had poision.

Another mela is seen at the Kumbheshowar ( banglamukhi temple) in Lalitpur, Nepal, which is belived toreleate with Gosaikunda in Rasuwa.

Gunhi Punhi

During the Rakshya Bandhan or Janai Purnima, Newar Community in Nepal follow the day as the starting of nine day another festival “Gunhi Punhi”.  This day Newar community coats their house with mud and offer the foods to the GOD, and they offer food to Frogs in the fields. It is belive that worshipiing the frogs this day they make a sound and God of Rain Indra will give rain so that crops get cultivated in time.

The main dish for the day is Kwati so is also called kwati Punhi .


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