Olympic 2012 and Google Doodle

London 2012 Logo


 This year Olympic started and end with the great celebration at London, England. Many peoples and many    companies did many things for the celebration of the Olympic. Among most of the companies GOOGLE celebrated the spirit of the Olympic with the doodles at their very own google.com . From the starting day i.e. opening ceremony google started to post the doodles. Here are the doodles that were used during the time period of 17 days from 27th July 2012 to 12th August 2012.

July 27, 2012

The starting of the  most awaited  Summer Olympic started at one of the most expensive and beautiful city in the world London. Named as London Olympic 2012 the opening ceremony was celebrated at London and Google too. The doodle for the starting day was colorful cartoon pic representing the player with different games to be played during the game of Olympic.         Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony doodle.

July 28, 2012

The second day of the Summer Olympic 2012 and giant countries China and USA were already fighting for the first position in the point table with maximum number Gold. Doodle for the second day was the dedicated to the game Archery, a girl is aiming the second ‘o’ of the Google.    2nd day Doodle

July 29, 2012

The third day of the Olympic, giant countries were still fighting for the points in table. Doodle for the third day was dedicated to the game Diving. Google on the pool and a diver is ready to dive in the doodle.     3rd day Doodle

July 30, 2012

Fencing , the doodle for the fourth day by Google. Two players are playing the game and one of the player is using ‘L’ of Google as the weapon.     4th day Doodle

July 31, 2012

One of the most awaited game in the Olympic, Rings was featured as the Doodle for the Fifth day of the Olympic 2012.  Men gymnastic player is on the air with the smile and rings on the hand that would be double ‘o’ of the Google.      5th day Doodle

August 1, 2012

New month of the year and six day of the Olympic, Field hockey was the doodle for the day by Google. Field Hockey game played by the teams to score a goal with the Hockey stick and win the match. A girl trying to score the goal is featured as the doodle.     6th day Doodle

August 2, 2012

With 10 days remaining for the Olympic. The 7th day of the Olympic and the doodle was Table Tennis. Google printed at the Net of the Table Tennis two players are playing the game.     7th day Doodle

August 3, 2012

Shot Put was the game represented as the Doodle for the 8th day of the Olympic. Sport for the strong people was featured as the Doodle. In a Doodle, Men tries to throw the ball of Shot Put.    8th day Doodle

August 4, 2012

The Doodle for the 9th day was Pole Vault, the women vaulter tries to jump the Pole.    9th day Doodle

August 5, 2012

Eight Swimmers synchronize to make the first ‘o’ of the Google in the 10th day Doodle, the Doodle for the day was featuring the Synchronized Swimming.    10th day Doodle

August 6, 2012

Way back in the time, Javelin was used as the weapon of the army, but now a days it is used as a part of sports to be played in the Olympic. So Google featured the sport Javelin as the Doodle for the 11th day of the Olympic 2012.   11th day Doodle

August 7, 2012

Doodle was with the multimedia function and could be played, the doodle was the Hurdles for the 12th day of the Olympic 2012. This Doodle was the must famous Doodle and was trending for a day in Twitter.     12th day Doodle

August 8, 2012

13th day, featured Doodle was BasketBall which was another doodle that could be played.     13th day Doodle

August 9, 2012

Slalom Canoe was the next day doodle during Olympic by the Google. As previous days this Doodle was playable using left and right key of the key board.   14th day Doodle

August 10, 2012

Using left and right key save the goal in the soccer was the 15th day doodle by Google, the most popular game in the Earth Soccer was featured as the Doodle.    15th day Doodle

August 11, 2012

Different then previous four days, the 16th day Doodle was not playable. The doodle featured Rhythmic Gymnastics , the girl is doing her job in the doodle and her ribbon is making two ‘o’ of the Google.   16th day Doodle

August 12, 2012

Last day of the Olympic 2012 in the city of London, the Doodle was for the Closing Ceremony, featuring many players from different field.   17th day Doodle

With Doodles Google has always provided the information of the day going on in the world, so did they feature the sports that would be played in the 17 day long event.


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