NEPAL’s journey in ICC World Cricket League Division Four 2012

Cricket, one of the most played and most poupular game in Nepal. Nepal has been taking parts in different tournaments since there involvement in Asian Cricket Council (ACC) since 1990 and International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1996. As the road to the World Cup 2015 ICC categorized the teams in different divisions and the last reaching the division 1 will be able to take part in the tournament held by ICC with the Full Members.

As the road to the Division One, Nepal had to play game with other teams that were in the same division, that was division Four. The top two teams among the five teams would be promoted to Division Three and low two teams would be relegated to Division Five. Nepal had done good in Division Five Continue reading

Price Hike and Protest

As the increment in the Petroleum  Products internationally the government of Nepal also increased the price of the Petroleum products. As usual after the hike of the price, the political parties and the students have started the protest against the hike.

It is said that the protest is against the governments decision towards hike and it is for the peoples who have been affected by the hike. But the protest is most affecting the peoples who have been affected by the hike. The way of protesting is not changing it is the same, blocking the road ,no passage for any vehicles and if any does pass the vehicle is damaged by the protester. Continue reading