Price Hike and Protest

As the increment in the Petroleum  Products internationally the government of Nepal also increased the price of the Petroleum products. As usual after the hike of the price, the political parties and the students have started the protest against the hike.

It is said that the protest is against the governments decision towards hike and it is for the peoples who have been affected by the hike. But the protest is most affecting the peoples who have been affected by the hike. The way of protesting is not changing it is the same, blocking the road ,no passage for any vehicles and if any does pass the vehicle is damaged by the protester. The protester doesn’t see the hamper they are causing to the general public who have been already affected by the hike of the price.

The blockage and protest is mainly done by the students specially in the government college mainly who are having an involvement in the political parties. The way of protest and the involvement of the students in the protest is making the reputation of the students down. Yes protest is required and yes students are the future of country they should have involvement in the protest. But is it the OK with the method of doing the protest. Burning the tires in the road, Burning the wooden benches and desk of the college on the road, hampering the traffic, throwing stones to the guards and policeman, damaging the private property etc. Students are said to be the one who is responsible to change the society with their education but during the protest any of those is not seen, peoples are afraid of the students as they are from some criminal field. I myself am a student and am against of all the way of doing the protest. I would take part in all the activities that are better for the society, i would take part in the protest on the hike of  petroleum product too but the way the students or any political parties follow is just behind my thought so i cant get involved with them.

All of them must think that it is general people who is getting affected by all those protest not the government. Blocking the road for general public wont help the protest but it will make the negative impact of protester to the general public, Burning the tire on the road will only damage the quality of the road and create the pollution, it wont give any help for the protest. So its the time for all to just go through whats good and bad for the society, it is us who have to think about the society, its us who should be together for New Nepal and new World. So we our self should think about what is good and what is bad.


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