Each nomination Nepali have been to CNN Heroes they have won it. The second title winner of the prestigious award was Ms. Puspha Basnet. When it comes to the voting we have always given the side of the cause and we have made the voting successful, this time it was for the CNN Heroes 2012. This is the second time CNN Hero is from Nepal. In the Year 2010 Anuradha Koirala was CNN Hero.

Puspha Basnet ,student of Social Works went to visit prison for the project work of the course. She was in the stage of shock when she saw the children behind the bar just because their parents were the prisoner and they had no where to go. With the help of the close ones Puspha raised some amount of money and started the raising the children. She is called Mamu ( Nepali word for Mom) by all the children residing with her. With the projects like “Early Childhood Development Centre ” (ECDC) and “Butterfly Home ” Puspha has been helping the Children behind the bar and Children on the street.

As she was announced  CNN Hero, she had a tear in her eyes, and dedicated the award for all her Children , Nepal and Nepalese.

Puspha started with a hope that there wont be any child with out the protection, now with the recognition by CNN hope she gets her destination and No child be protection less inside and outside the Prison.

Hope some votes have gone through the link i posted too .. Vote Puspha Basnet in CNN Hero 2012


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