Procedure to Renew License at Lumbini Anchal Nepal – Long Two days

I was back to Butwal to renew the License. This was the second time and different from the first time, First time 5 years ago it was a bit easy except the Line at the paying counter but with the growth of the License holder the procedure here has changed.


After going to “YataYat” , I searched for the room to start, found some wall painting with the descriptions to do so i went to search the room for the Form to fill up which was not available any where when asked to any of the person they straightly asked to go to the  “Writers (लेखनदास) on the shade” , Willingly or unwillingly we should be there, Ask for the form they will ask for the

  • Expired copy of the License
  • Photocopy of the Citizenship and
  • NRs. 40

Filling the form with NRs. 10 Post-office Stamp, I was asked to do  Health Check up so I was send to different side of the road, being a person with family background of  Medical, i asked the Form to fill up so that i could go and fill the form with the doctor i know, but again i was not given a form. There were more then 100 peoples early at 10:30 AM waiting for the turn of Health Checkup. After queuing up i was asked to wait and more then 100 peoples before me were given health check up with in the 1 hour of time.

As I have Spectacles the only question i was asked by the Doctor was what was the power of my glasses, i said him the answer and i was given a full written form with the power of my glasses, and that took only 5 minutes of my time with NRs. 60.

If form was given to me i would have gone to the Doctor of my choice he would have checked me better then the Doctor assigned by Yatayat did.

After Check up, i was send to Window No. 2, where i had to provide all the things a had done,

  • Filled up request form for the Renewed License.
  • Expired original License copy
  • Citizenship Photocopy
  • and Health checkup form

The form was taken by the person and after looking at the file inside with a signature I was send to Window of Computer Entry room. There were 3 person entering the data in the computer, I had to wait more then an hour for my turn to enter the data at computer in the day light. After entry i was send to Window number 11 to pay the taxes, The place where every one is lined up to pay the taxes, it was my luck that i didnot have to wait long because the line for taxes for License was shorter then for the renewing paper of Vechiles. With in 30 minutes of time i was able to pay the taxes and i was send back to Window number 2. They took all the papers and i was asked to come next day after 3 PM, that wa when renewed License were distributed.

Next day after 3 PM after putting a finger prints on the paper i was given my License. It was a relief for next five years, but some questions still in the mind,

  • Will the system change ?
  • Can we get our license paying the taxes with a ease?

Future can be ease

If government go with the time it is possible to get the License with ease, Technology is being changed day by day and only the technology Yatayat is using is Computer data entry and Computer billing.

The persons behind the computers are slow, they are given training for billing and entry of data only.

New recruitment is required with lots of space. Old staffs can be given other jobs or they can be retired. Fresh candidate can come with new idea and help the growth of reputation of the Yatayat.

For now, number display with a shade and chairs to sit would be a good for the person waiting , if possible some Led screens and Cable would help people to entertain till they are their.

The most is use of the Technology with the time, which will ease the process.


2 thoughts on “Procedure to Renew License at Lumbini Anchal Nepal – Long Two days

  1. amar narayan chaudhary says:

    mero name amar narayan chaudhary makar -6 nawal parasi 2067 shaal maa motercycle ko lisence banayeko . Ra sohi shaal maa ma baidesik rojgar tir laage so kram mero lisecense harako ahile malai lisence number pani thaha vayen ma kasri lisence number paun sakxu ra ke prakiya garnu parxa

    • म कुनै सरकारी कर्मचारी त होइन .. तर यदी बुटवलमा रहेको यातायात कार्यालयमा गएर सम्पर्क गरे पाउन सकिन्छ होला… !!!

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