iDevice in DFU mode

iTunes and Cable logo while iDevice is on DFU mode

iTunes and Cable logo while iDevice is on DFU mode

This is not the first time i had faced a problem with DFU mode. My cell went to DFU mode again when i was trying to upgrade the iOS to 6.1.3. As i found in many of the Forum, the problem occurs if you have your phone jailbreaked and if you are trying to upgrade.

DFU is Device Firmware Update, occurs and tortures some times and makes you feel why did you take a step to upgrade the iOS and why did u jailbreak the device. After going every time in the DFU mode now i have to write this blog so that it will be helpful  next time if i get the problem. The iTunes and USB logo represents the DFU mode in your device where as iTunes in computer asks to restore your device.

Some times restoring might not work too, so simple step can be followed,

  • Press the Power Button and Home button together for about 15 seconds till the device gets power off.
  • And press the power button to boot the device again.

This might work or might not too, in my case it didn’t but had worked before.

If the above steps doesn’t work  we can do is download the application TinyUmbrella  from the official website.

Install the application, open the application  and connect the device to the computer.

The application will show the device connected.

Simply have to do is Exit Restore mode.

and that will be done.


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