ZipLine-ZipFlyer Nepal , My experience

Welcome board at Launching Pad

Welcome board at Launching Pad

Its been a week since I was at Pokhara for the experience of the Zip Line. I had visited to Pokhara, when Zip line was under construction as my friend was the Site Engineer for the project, since then i was interested in taking a ride and this was a chance  I took for the ride.

My journey began on the motorcycle alone on the rain from my home town Butwal to Pokhara. It was a ride to remember as the whole 160 km i was completely wet by rain. My excitement went down when i reached Pokhara and came to know that, the ride had been called off that day since it rained whole day and the weather forecast for whole week was the same, but tomorrow had not come so i still had some hope. 

Next day, early morning it was cloudy. I contacted friend of mine asking if there will be a ride or not, he asked me to join the team leaving for the ride from the Lake Side office. I did the same, we were 4 team members leaving for the ride, all of them were hoping for the weather to be good till the ride. With the cloudy weather we went to the Launch Pad situated at the Sarangkot,  after the top hill ride on the Companies Mustang we had to walk for almost 2 minutes to reach the Launch pad.

Place was amazingly designed, the Launch Pad was almost on the top of the hill, and the base station was lost behind the cloud. Weather till the time time was playing a villain. despite the weather condition briefing by Mr. Jeevan (Zip Line Master) started. He was well educated  guy for his job and i was sure if any thing happens he will save me no matter what.

After brief, first launch was done as the test ride from the staff of the Higher ground Nepal , that went successful. then came our turn, i was there waiting for the my turn to come. After the first launch of the ride, i was next. Stepping towards the edge of the launch pad i was nervious and my heart was pounding very fast. When i sat on the flyer, i was given instruction how to control if the flyer goes wrong, if something happens that would be the first time.  Listening  Jeevan count 5,4,3,2,1 the heart was pounding more and to be honest that was a scary moment. As soon as the door opened and i was all left to gravity on the sloppy rope of 1.8 Km inclined in 53 degrees i was just thrilled. But as i went down, that was a amazing feeling i had, every things were below me and i was on the top riding and felt like i was ruling those trees and hills below me.

Because of weather i was told to take care on the brake as speed might be high i might need to put on the brake. I was told Orange flag will be waved if i needed to take a brake, and show did the orange flag waved so i had to take a brake, and my bad luck i took it so much that it stooped and releasing it i went till the base.

Anyways, it was the best ride i had. It was better then the ride i had from Butwal to Pokhara on the rain . The best part i liked about Higher ground was, it has the best staffs, all of them were helpful, all of them were smiling and friendly.

This is the adventure, that should be faced once in a life. though 90 sec of adventure but when i remember the slope of the rope and speed i was in , my heart still pounds faster.

I Dreamt it , I Dared It and i did it.. 🙂

Jay Nepal

Video of ride: 


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