Don’t lose Hope

Day was rough, so was just out riding Motor Bike.  There were lots of traffic on the road, was passing by Satdobato when traffic gave a signal to stop. While waiting for the signal to pass, there came two guys on the bike, guys were on a “Dirt bike” , and they were chatting out loud. when they came near to me i had chance to listen to the guy on the back seat. He was saying his friend ” Don’t get frustrated every thing happens in the life time, and don’t lose hope, even a guy going for a suicide banging his head on the stone has a hope that he will die” that word at last about HOPE made me realize that we shouldn’t loose the hope.  Every thing in world happens for the reason.Traffic police gave signal to pass, they were fast and kind of pro in biking so they went fast, i tried to catch them for a distance but could not , i actually wanted to listen what is that guy about to say.

Hope, people after their birth are living on a hope, child after the birth hopes to get milk, warm and security. After some year, the same kid will hope for friends and things to play. Starting to study, the same kid will hope for good marks and love from parents. Later on life the same kid will hope for Love, wealth , health and good family. So, there is a hope for each and every person in their life,  some hope for good and some for bad. Some hope god will help them and some go for themselves.

Hopes are our dreams that we see, and there are many dreams that we want to full fill, but out of many one goes wrong when we get hopeless, we fill that we have not achieved any thing.  We don’t see that during the period of time we dream of something we have got many other things so that we can dream of other thing or we can continue fulfilling that dream.

After that incident at Satdobato , for any thing in my life i am not loosing hope, loosing hope means loosing dream.


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