Capital City Kathmandu getting improved with expansion of road

Development is always a cause for the smile on the face of any citizen in the country. And when we see improvement in the system and the trail for the development we citizen always praise the trail, we want that to happen very quick.

18th December 2013, day when all the daily newspaper and news web portal were publishing a news with a priority that with in 40 months of time China government is helping Nepal government in expansion of the ring road starting Kalanki to Koteshwor.

Expansion of road in Kathmandu started with 9.14 km Tinkune -Suryabinayak road. The road was expanded with the help of Japan government, and JICA was responsible for all the work in Nepal. The project started in November  2008 and ended after 30 months in Oct. 11, 2011. The road had reduced the time  to reach the destination of Nepali travelling via Arniko highway by more than 30 minutes.

Every one happy with first six lane in the country the things changed when Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai was appointed as the prime minister of Nepal in 29 August 2011, he started the expansion of road in capital city with other rising city all over Nepal. Since than government of Nepal has made expansion of road priority for the improvement of the country. 

Passing through any road these days inside the Kathmandu city we find ourselves covered with dust, visibility at road has decreased because of dust, pollution and foggy winter. Vehicle are stuck in traffic for hours. Though the problems arising these days all citizens of Kathmandu valley are happy, it wont be a problem after some months as expansion is on the way of completion.

Some of the highly waited expansion of road are Kalanki-Koteshwor-Chabahil-Kalanki (Ring Road) and fly over at the busiest junction of Kathmandu city (New Baneshwor, Kalimati, Tripureshwor, Thapathali and Old Baneshwor ) .

Flyover at busiest Junction

Flyover proposed at the intersection of New Baneshwor

Flyover proposed at the intersection of New Baneshwor (source

 With the busiest junction at Kathmandu valley, government has proposed the  flyover in five junctions to control the traffic. the proposed sites are at New  Baneshwor, Kalimati, Tripureshwor, Thapathali and Old Baneshwor. According  to news at Kantipur daily paper the flyover will be of two and four lanes to be  completed between three to five years. 

 With the flyover, New Baneshowr is proposed to get the 10 lane Maitighar –  Tinkune road expansion. (The expansion of the road is undergoing and is  supposed to finish by this fiscal year). The 10 lane road will have a footpath  with the cycle lane on both the side.

Ring Road (Kalanki-Koteshwor- Chabahil – Kalanki)

Plan for Kalanki Intersection ( Pic source Depratment of road (DOR))

Plan for Kalanki Intersection ( Pic source Depratment of road (DOR))

 China government is helping for the expansion of the 27 Km long ring road to  10 lane with 8 lane to higher speed and 2 lanes to cycle and footpath on the  side. It is 7 years contract between Nepal government and China    government.For the first phase China has already undertaken the job. And with  in 40 months 10.39 km long road from Kalanki to Koteshwor will be expanded  to 10 lanes. The sample of the road is supposed to finish by 1st week of April    2014,which will be 550 meters and further road will be expanded as the  sample.

Changed Kalanki

To be Kalanki by 2016. (pic source Nagarki news)

To be Kalanki by 2016. (pic source Nagarki news)

 One of the most important entry to Kathmandu, all the heavy vehicle passes  through Kalanki. Long route vehicle and Heavy vehicle with some local  transportation service has always troubled the traffic at Kalanki. So, the Ring  road expansion will help Kalanki change its image from busy traffic Kalanki to  traffic free Kalanki.

 According to Department of road (DOR), Kalanki will be changed within 40  months. That will be when we will get traffic free Kalanki. Kalnki Intersection  will have subway that will start from Balkhu to Swayambhu, and above subway  there will be 8 lanes of road for vehicle passing from Thankot to Kalimati via  Kalanki. For traffic to make on ease move, DOR is planning on the way from  Nagdhunga to Sitapaila and Naikap to Khasi Bazar (between Kalanki and  Balkhu).

So if the project finishes on time with out any problem, peoples will not be exhausted for hour long traffic jam on their vehicle. Every one in the capital city will reach every where in time.

Though there are many risk factors for the completion of the way, people have already started saying that ” there must be gold or any valuable things below soil of Kalanki so China is interested in helping Nepal”. or this political situation might be the risk for the completion of the project but hoping for the best if the project goes well and finishes on time that will be starting of the better future for Nepal starting capital city.

Fingers Crossed .. !!!!

Jay Nepal !!


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