Reboot iDevice while screen is frozen

With technology there are many problems that occur, there was a problem that arrived today for me and that was when my iPhone was not working, neither i could receive a call nor could i go to pass the lock screen, the screen was fully frozen and i was waiting for my iPhone to get completely battery drained, but it had 60% of charge and it would take a day for that, so i need to find the way to reboot without draining the battery completely. Searching i found the easy way Continue reading


Court Martial , a poetic justice (#CourtMartial)

Finally it was a day when i would get a chance to watch theater for the first time. It was already a big blockbuster at Kathmandu and we had heard of the play many times, every news paper were covering the play and so were the blogs. Rajesh Hamal , superstar of silver screen in Nepal was acting for the first time and Anup Baral the actor himself of silver screen had directed the play. Many known faces were acting in the play. So, there was a excitement watching a play.

The play started with short description of the play, with some of the regulations to follow while watching the play so that actors wont get distracted and the play will go on.

Written by Swadesh Deepak  , Court Martial has been staged in different countries with different languages. Anup Baral , with the help of play have tried to Continue reading