Court Martial , a poetic justice (#CourtMartial)

Finally it was a day when i would get a chance to watch theater for the first time. It was already a big blockbuster at Kathmandu and we had heard of the play many times, every news paper were covering the play and so were the blogs. Rajesh Hamal , superstar of silver screen in Nepal was acting for the first time and Anup Baral the actor himself of silver screen had directed the play. Many known faces were acting in the play. So, there was a excitement watching a play.

The play started with short description of the play, with some of the regulations to follow while watching the play so that actors wont get distracted and the play will go on.

Written by Swadesh Deepak  , Court Martial has been staged in different countries with different languages. Anup Baral , with the help of play have tried to  show the true color of Racism and differences in higher and lower level officials inside the institution of Army.

The play shows the discrimination of the higher rank officials to lower level in many manners, and mainly in the cast based. Some of the discriminated personal shows enough courage to fight back but they are more humiliated by the higher rank officials.

Play starts with the entry of Col. Rupak Singh (Rajesh Hamal) , briefing about himself and the court trail that he never can forget.  Court Martial is all about Ram Bhadur (Sudam C. K. ) , who is lower rank official and low cast personal , who is accused of killing and wounding his seniors.Play goes on with the court room, Bikash (Subash Thapa) trying to save Ram Bdr. and government lawyer Deeya Maskey trying for the punish accused Ram Bdr. for his mistakes. Play gets interesting when we (Audience) come to know the system inside the army regiment, the ups and down.

Play, in all over  defines the treatment that juniors get from seniors, shows the friendship and defines the way for the justice.  Play has every thing anger and arrogance of Karma , humor of B. S. Rana , innocent Daya Hang Rai , funny Manish Niraula (as Doc) and many more. Play has laughter and emotions for 1 hour and 45 minutes, audience will get bounded by the play so much that you need to go for the second time for the play and get some pictures capture in your cell phone as i did.. 😉 .

It is must watch once in life time, though unaware how the play goes in other languages than Nepali.

I would give 5 out of 5 for this play on script , direction and acting.. every thing from lightning to emotions to acting is perfect of this play.. hope for the same good play again ..

Jay Nepal !!

Some pics for the cell phone.


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