Dharhara , Gifting a baby girl with 10 trees after birth

Early morning, while scrolling down the Facebook wall saw the news छोरिको स्वागत (Welcoming daughter ) , went through the news . The news was about the review about the news that was on the village Dharhara in Bihar India, which had a unique tradition of welcoming a new born girl with planting 10 trees .

While the society is getting advanced and killing their daughters in the stomach of the mother , Bihar accepted them and welcome them with a gift of 10 trees on their birth. The trees usually are Mango or the Lychee . As the girl grows ,and tree starts giving the fruit, fruit is sold in the market and money is used to educate the girl and later on marry her.

This is a new idea, which not only help the girls to live in the world but get educated and help getting married. The society is not only helping a girl grow this way they are helping their living standards and chances of global warming.

This kind of News should be on the first page of the newspaper so that people get to know about the concept and follow the concept.



Documentary at Youtube. : Mango Girl Documentary

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