Futsal Banned , Pathetic

You cant control ” ban it ” , how easy is that? That’s what has happened recently in my beautiful country  Nepal , according to the news 51 Futsal court has been banned of conducting the play and what are the reasons

According to the Kathmandu CDO Mr. Ram Krishna Subedhi the ban is because of the reasons like

  • Students leaving bunking college for the game.
  • Bad impression on the youth.
  • Drugs use in the arena.
  • Neighbor complaints.
  • Conducted without registration.
  • Gambling in the name of Game.  etc..

and are supposed to resume after some rules are made.

The reasons seems good for a ban but is that a right thing to do ?

For a Futsal court to be made the expenses are minimum of 5 million NRs . , 51 of the court are with in the Kathmandu city , the total amount expended is more than 250 million Nrs. so what with the business now.? One court requires 5-10 number of man power minimum of 500 youth are going to be jobless , what about them ?

If students are bunking classes they need to be controlled by college and parents rather than a business.

There are lots of other bad impressions on youth than a healthy game .

If the arena is being conducted without registration and not paying the tax better step would be banning those arena rather than who are conducting it fairly .

Different surveillance can be done and made the arena free of crime rather banning the game .

Government is making a pathetic move in the name of control .

Each country in the world have hundreds of indoor arena , where games are being conducted , youth are encouraged to play and do the business , Government provides facility but we are just opposite , banning is not always the solution. Dont let people vanish in third country leave them to earn in their own country , let people do business ,   !!!! …. GROW UP .. !!!!!


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