Nirmala Panta ,and the movie Pink


Mother of Nirmala addressing the mass . Photo :ekantipur

Its been a while since the case of Nirmala Panta rape and murder in the western part of Nepal ,Kanchanpur . It was on July 27 when the body of Nirmala Pant was found on the sugarcane field half naked , which made the obvious suspect towards rape and murder case. 

The Case:

Nirmala Panta , 13 year kid studying at class 9 went for the studies to her friends house around 2 km far on her bicycle , but never came back . When the time passed to evening ,worried parents went to Roshni Bam’s house ( Roshni friend of Nirmala where she went to study ) seeking Nirmala , but her friend said that she had already gone to home 2 P.M . and she had no idea where she is now .

Parents went to police station for the missing complaint of their daughter but police officially acted lightly.

Next day Morning around 9 am police spotted a half naked body of Nirmala on the sugarcane field and the obvious suspect was rape and murder.

The problem arise when parents of Nirmala didnt receive the body from hospital, asking  justice for Nirmala. After police failed to find the suspects, people of Kanchanpur started a demonstration against the police, the city was closed and the demonstration lead to curfew by the government and a fire opened by police in the demonstration killed Sunny Khuna .

After pressure police caught a suspect Dilip Sing Bista ,41 , who according to news papers and Online news portal was a mentally handicapped . Locals as well as Nirmala’s parent where not convinced by the arrest of Dilip Sing Bista and accused Police that they were saving some VIP and arrested innocent.

Locals believed that Police where trying to save Son of the SP Dilli Raj Bista and Nephew of Mayor with Roshni ( Friend of Nirmala ) and Babita ( Sister of Roshni ) . Later o DNA test Dilip Sing Bista was left as results where negative , the polygraph test of Roshni and Babita where negative they where left out from the custody and some of the police officers where given rest. With new appointees for the case of Nirmala  , Nirmala hasnot got any justice till the date .

” Pink ” The Movie

Pink is a Hindi feature movie staring Amitabh Bacchan and Tapses Pannu. The movie starts with a guy rushing to hospital and three girls on the taxi , the plot goes on when it is known that Tapsee Pannu has hit Angad Bedi so hard that his eyes was just saved from being damaged. Angad Bedi is politically and financially strong he threatens the girls , girls complaints to the police . The plot goes on that Angad Bedi charges the girls for attempt to murder in the court , when Amitabh Bacchan retired lawyer takes the case for the girls . The girls where accused for asking money for sex and when not given the guy was hit by one of the girl. The movie shows the political and financial power of Angad Bedi , when Amitabh Bachan beautifully proves all the accused points where wrong and power and money doesnot work in front of the law. ( Just the Gist of the movie )

Here the comparison goes if power is blocking 13 years mudered Nirmala to get the justice from the law of Nepal will any one come and take the charge and show no power is stronger then Law and there is always a justice for any human , or just we need to wait and watch that Law has been sold out for powerful .

Link about the Nirmal’s case



Note that the case about Niramala is all as read on newspaper and Online News paper, and i am not a journalist

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