“Greta Thunberg” a 15-year old hero

Greta Thunberg -, Photo : newsmavens.com

Great Thunberg on Strike Photo : newsmavens.com

” If grown ups dont give a shit about my future , i wont either ” – Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg , 15-year-old Swedish teen studying in grade nine has turn out to be a hero the Role model for many. Greta might be the new name for some but special name for those who have been fighting to save the climate.

The Plot

15-year-old teen after her summer vacation has to be in her classes enjoying with her friends but she was breaking a law by Swedish Government that “all the kids till 16 years of age should study” and was protesting silently outside the Parliament of the Sweden. She was on the strike for “Climate Change ” .

As stated by many online version on news , She has a play board stating “SKOLSTREJK FOR KLIMATET ” (School Strike For Climate ) and has been sitting in a proper place where all the politician , tourist and Peoples of Sweden pass by. She with her have some leaflets where her thoughts are shown as:

We kids most often don’t do what you tell us to do. We do as you do. And since you grown-ups don’t give a shit about my future, I won’t either. My name is Greta and I’m in ninth grade. And I refuse school for the climateuntil the Swedish general election.

She is too small to vote but she says she is doing all this to make an attention for politician as well as media and she has to do it because grown ups are doing nothing .

Just After 24 hours of her strike and her text in social media many have supported her and are by her side for the cause sitting silently and making a protest on Climate Change . When reading through some of the news and watching her interviews its simple what she wants to say that is  She is doing this since no-one is doing it and she only wants is politician to make priorities on Climate , Focus on Climate and act like Climate change is a crisis .

Now , after the elections in Sweden Greta is back to school and been protesting cause and strike is ON every friday until Paris Agrement is meet. Now the cause has been spreaded like a fire all over the world and with a hashtag #FridaysForFuture many of the students are making a protest supporting Greta .

The Conclusion

Though started from any where from the world , now is the time to act Global Warming is killing everything the Sea has been rising , forest have been burning , it’s too hot on summer , rains like it has not rained for ever in ages in rainy season , winter are being too cold , none of the season are in control and all the reason are us , we need to fight it back. We have destroyed the planet Earth now its time save and make it happy again .

Lets Make Earth livable for all .

Links :

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