Mugu, By Road

“No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be.”  –  Chuck Thompson

The place might be underdeveloped but the people , the smile and the beauty has its own value there at Karnali Zone.

Day 1:

“The plans are not always successful unless you go for it ” , the plan was made and was on a halt unless i along with some friends traveled to Mugu on a Motorbike. Travelling began from Butwal ( 322 m above the sea level ) , four of us with three bikes from Butwal and picking a friend at Kohalpur (16 km south from Nepalgunj ).

Kohlpur is the mid point to get separated to different cities like Nepalgunj (16 km North ) , Gorahi , Dang (135 Km East) and Birendranagar, Surkhet (90 Km South ) .

With Lots of checkpost on the Banke and Bardiya National Park we reached to Birendranagar ,Surkhet after 344 km and 9 hours of bike ride , the plain and straight road wont Continue reading


ZipLine-ZipFlyer Nepal , My experience

Welcome board at Launching Pad

Welcome board at Launching Pad

Its been a week since I was at Pokhara for the experience of the Zip Line. I had visited to Pokhara, when Zip line was under construction as my friend was the Site Engineer for the project, since then i was interested in taking a ride and this was a chance  I took for the ride.

My journey began on the motorcycle alone on the rain from my home town Butwal to Pokhara. It was a ride to remember as the whole 160 km i was completely wet by rain. My excitement went down when i reached Pokhara and came to know that, the ride had been called off that day since it rained whole day and the weather forecast for whole week was the same, but tomorrow Continue reading