Chhaupadi Pratha

Chaupadi Pratha is the tradition (pratha) that urges women to follow the rule that has been made centuries of years ago, where women during the menstruation or while they are pregnant they are forced to stay outside home without touching any one. During menstruation women are not allowed to enter home, school and temple, they are not allowed to attend any of the social religions.

The trend has been changing slowly since the Ban was imposed by Supreme Court of Nepal in 2004, Some family now a day’s does not follow the tradition, while some still practice it inside house where they are fed well and taken care with and some places of Nepal usually Mid and far western part of Nepal there is a regular practice of Chaupadi .

It is believed that, there was no practice of Menstruation till the era of God Indra. Continue reading

“Greta Thunberg” a 15-year old hero

Greta Thunberg -, Photo :

Great Thunberg on Strike Photo :

” If grown ups dont give a shit about my future , i wont either ” – Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg , 15-year-old Swedish teen studying in grade nine has turn out to be a hero the Role model for many. Greta might be the new name for some but special name for those who have been fighting to save the climate.

The Plot

15-year-old teen after her summer vacation has to be in her classes enjoying with her friends but she was breaking a law by Swedish Government that “all the kids till 16 years of age should study” and Continue reading



Each nomination Nepali have been to CNN Heroes they have won it. The second title winner of the prestigious award was Ms. Puspha Basnet. When it comes to the voting we have always given the side of the cause and we have made the voting successful, this time it was for the CNN Heroes 2012. This is the second time CNN Hero is from Nepal. In the Year 2010 Anuradha Koirala was CNN Hero.

Puspha Basnet ,student of Social Works went to visit prison Continue reading

Vote Puspha Basnet in CNN Hero 2012

Puspha Basnet with Chidrens  (source :

Puspha Basnet with Chidrens

Puspha Basnet, 28 year old girl from Nepal , has been¬†nominated¬†for the CNN hero award 2012. CNN every year nominates ten different people that are involved in some heroic work to change the¬†community, after the nominations people around the world are made the judge and asked to vote visiting the website of “CNN Heroes “. This is the second time in the¬†history¬†of the CNN Heroes Nepali person is nominated, after the winner of the award Anuradha Koirala in the year 2010. CNN provided $50,000 after the nomination and will provide $250,000 to continue the work they have been doing. Continue reading