Court Martial , a poetic justice (#CourtMartial)

Finally it was a day when i would get a chance to watch theater for the first time. It was already a big blockbuster at Kathmandu and we had heard of the play many times, every news paper were covering the play and so were the blogs. Rajesh Hamal , superstar of silver screen in Nepal was acting for the first time and Anup Baral the actor himself of silver screen had directed the play. Many known faces were acting in the play. So, there was a excitement watching a play.

The play started with short description of the play, with some of the regulations to follow while watching the play so that actors wont get distracted and the play will go on.

Written by Swadesh DeepakĀ Ā , Court Martial has been staged in different countries with different languages. Anup Baral , with the help of play have tried to Continue reading

NEPAL’s journey in ICC World Cricket League Division Four 2012

Cricket, one of the most played and most poupular game in Nepal. Nepal has been taking parts in different tournaments since there involvement in Asian Cricket Council (ACC) since 1990 and International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1996. As the road to the World Cup 2015 ICCĀ categorizedĀ the teams in different divisions and the last reaching the division 1 will be able to take part in the tournament held by ICC with the Full Members.

As the road to the Division One, Nepal had to play game with other teams that were in the same division, that was division Four. The top two teams among the five teams would be promoted to Division Three and low two teams would be relegated to Division Five. Nepal had done good in Division Five Continue reading

Highway The Nepali Movie

HIGHWAY, most awaited movie specially by the Nepali people who are linked in the social media Facebook and Twitter. I was waiting for the day to watch it too as from theĀ beginning when i heard that the movie was selected for the Berlin International Film FestivalĀ (Highway is the first movie to be selected in the film festival).

Highway Poster

Finally the the movie released for Nepal after the several show in the foreign land. I always admired the movie with the new taste watching the trailer so I was very eager to watch the movie but was unable as I was having the exam during the release of the movie. Watching many of the Tweets about the movie, Continue reading

Muna Madan ….

While filling a Memo Book might be many times I had written Best Book as Muna Madan . But the truth would be I have never gone through it even once in my life time. Always heard of it so had bought the book for 2,3 times butĀ didn’tĀ go through it,always lost it before reading. I had heard the theme of the story from others butĀ didn’tĀ go through the book.Ā 
Cover of the Book “MUNA MADAN”

Continue reading