Nepali Cricket with T20 status

After 3 matches in T20 world cup with two wins against Hong Kong and Afghanistan and a loss with Bangladesh, Nepal was not lucky enough to play super 10 and continue the tournament , but that was enough for Nepal to win the hearts of cricket lovers around the world and get the T20 international status.

The meeting held on Melbourne gave the T20 status to Nepal and Netherlands, with other six associated members Afghanistan , Hong Kong, Ireland, Scotland, Papua New Guinea and UAE. Which will be effective from October 1,  2014.

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Dharhara , Gifting a baby girl with 10 trees after birth

Early morning, while scrolling down the Facebook wall saw the news छोरिको स्वागत (Welcoming daughter ) , went through the news . The news was about the review about the news that was on the village Dharhara in Bihar India, which had a unique tradition of welcoming a new born girl with planting 10 trees .

While the society is getting advanced and killing their daughters in the stomach of the mother , Bihar accepted them and welcome them with a gift of 10 trees on their birth. The trees usually are Continue reading

QR code

What is QR Code ?

qr code

QR Code example

Quick Response (QR) code , is a two dimensional barcode developed by Denso Wave (a division of Denso Corporation, Japanese automotive components manufacturer ) in 1994. First developed for the tracking of the vehicles during manufacture later on was adopted for  marketing, payments, website log in to name the few.


Anatomy of QR Code (QR Code Structure Example 3.svg ,

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List of Google April fool hoaxes

Each April first, Google comes with some interesting idea to fool internet users using their finest technology. Google has created some of the interesting stuffs using technology that makes people believe Google every year and follow the hoax.

April Fool hoaxes all started from year 2000 and has been the part since the day.

Listed are the list of Google April fool hoaxes ;

Year 2000

Google’s first hoax, “The MentalPlex Hoax” . The user would see the screen with Google search and a circular moving ring on the bottom with description to use. After the person uses as suggested there would be some errors that would occur, Continue reading

Nepal Premier League (#NPL) , the opportunity

NPL Logo :Source Wikipedia

NPL Logo :Source Wikipedia

With the introduction of IPL in India , the T20 format of Cricket is getting a good response as it talks about game, money and player. The trend has shifted now to Nepal , with the introduction of Nepal Premier League (NPL) . Premier league in Nepal is going to be held with in the time period of April to May 2014 , with main sponsorship of Ncell  and management of Zohra Sports Management with technical support of Cricket association of Nepal (CAN) and will be named as “Ncell NPL” . The agreement for the Ncell NPL is for three years of time. Unlike IPL or any cricket Premier league NPL will have three formats of game “T20 ” , “50 Overs ” and ” 2 Days” .


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Reboot iDevice while screen is frozen

With technology there are many problems that occur, there was a problem that arrived today for me and that was when my iPhone was not working, neither i could receive a call nor could i go to pass the lock screen, the screen was fully frozen and i was waiting for my iPhone to get completely battery drained, but it had 60% of charge and it would take a day for that, so i need to find the way to reboot without draining the battery completely. Searching i found the easy way Continue reading

Court Martial , a poetic justice (#CourtMartial)

Finally it was a day when i would get a chance to watch theater for the first time. It was already a big blockbuster at Kathmandu and we had heard of the play many times, every news paper were covering the play and so were the blogs. Rajesh Hamal , superstar of silver screen in Nepal was acting for the first time and Anup Baral the actor himself of silver screen had directed the play. Many known faces were acting in the play. So, there was a excitement watching a play.

The play started with short description of the play, with some of the regulations to follow while watching the play so that actors wont get distracted and the play will go on.

Written by Swadesh Deepak  , Court Martial has been staged in different countries with different languages. Anup Baral , with the help of play have tried to Continue reading