Capital City Kathmandu getting improved with expansion of road

Development is always a cause for the smile on the face of any citizen in the country. And when we see improvement in the system and the trail for the development we citizen always praise the trail, we want that to happen very quick.

18th December 2013, day when all the daily newspaper and news web portal were publishing a news with a priority that with in 40 months of time China government is helping Nepal government in expansion of the ring road starting Kalanki to Koteshwor.

Expansion of road in Kathmandu started with 9.14 km Tinkune -Suryabinayak road. Continue reading

Plans for Gautam Buddha Airport, Bhirahawa

Map proposed for upgrading Gatam Buddha Aiprport, Bhirahawa

Map proposed for upgrading Gatam Buddha Aiprport, Bhirahawa

With each new government there are new changes on plans for the development of the country, but since two changes in government there has not been change in one plan and that is converting the Gautam Buddha Airport in Bhirahawa from Domestic to International. Being near to Lumbini , developing business hub Butwal and near to border of India, the airport was unable to hold the flight Continue reading