Futsal Banned , Pathetic

You cant control ” ban it ” , how easy is that? That’s what has happened recently in my beautiful country  Nepal , according to the news 51 Futsal court has been banned of conducting the play and what are the reasons

According to the Kathmandu CDO Mr. Ram Krishna Subedhi the ban is because of the reasons like

  • Students leaving bunking college for the game.
  • Bad impression on the youth.
  • Drugs use in the arena.
  • Neighbor complaints.
  • Conducted without registration.
  • Gambling in the name of Game.  etc..

and are supposed to resume Continue reading


Procedure to Renew License at Lumbini Anchal Nepal – Long Two days

I was back to Butwal to renew the License. This was the second time and different from the first time, First time 5 years ago it was a bit easy except the Line at the paying counter but with the growth of the License holder the procedure here has changed.


After going to “YataYat” , I searched for the room to start, found some wall painting with the descriptions to do so i went to search Continue reading